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The Rubinoos  
ARTIST PROFILE: 2017 is the Rubinoos 47th Anniversary!

2017 was a busy year for The Rubinoos, with tours of Spain and Japan. Also, for the first time in 38 years a sold out live show in London.

In 2016, for avid Rubinoos collectors, Wild Honey Records re-released the bands' first three albums-- The Rubinoos, Back To The Drawing Board and Basement Tapes-- on vinyl in a 3 LP gatefold package. This collection  is the first re-issue of these pop classics on vinyl since the original album releases.

2015 marked The Rubinoos' 45th anniversary. To celebrate their long career, the group released the  aptly titled CD, 45, a collection of thirteen all-new recordings.

The seminal power pop band The Rubinoos was founded by two junior high school buddies, Tommy Dunbar and Jon Rubin, in 1970. The band’s career highlights include CLICK HERE FOR RUBINOOS TIMELINEa top 40 hit of Tommy James’ “I Think We’re Alone Now” which they performed on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. Fans will also recognize the power pop classic “ I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend,” and the title cut of the hit film Revenge of the Nerds.

In 2007, Castle Records UK released a career-spanning 3 – CD anthology: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About The Rubinoos.

The Rubes continue to write and record new music. Since 2002, they have released eleven CDs and toured Europe and Japan multiple times. In winter of 2016 the group completed a smash tour of Italy, Spain, Sweden and Norway coinciding with the release of the vinyl 3 LP set The LP Collection.


The LP Collection Volume 2 - 2017 Wild Honey

The LP Collection Volume 1 - 2016 Wild Honey

45 - 2014/15 Pynotic

This Is The Rubinoos EP - 2012 Pynotic

Automatic Toaster - 2010 Wild Punk Records

Biff-Boff-Boing - 2010 Pynotic

HodgePodge - 2009 Wild Punk Records

One, Two, That's It - 2008 2-CD set- Air Mail Recordings

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About The Rubinoos – 2007 3-CD career spanning anthology – Sanctuary/Castle Music

Hurts Too Much – 2006 Rave Up Records vinyl re-issue of Basement Tapes

Twist Pop Sin – 2006 Air Mail Recordings, Pynotic and Rock Indiana

Live in Japan – 2004 Air Mail Recordings

Crimes Against Music – 2003 Air Mail Recordings and Zip Records

Paleophonic – 2000 Varese Sarabande, Pynotic and Air Mail Recordings

Garage Sale – 1994 Big Deal / re-issued on Air Mail Recordings 2005

Basement Tapes – 1993 One Way Records / re-issued on Not Lame Archive 2000 / re-issued on Air Mail Recordings 2007

Party of Two – 1983 Warner Bros. Records vinyl / re-issued on CD - Wounded Bird 2007

Back to the Drawing Board – 1979 Beserkley Records vinyl /re-issued on CD - Air Mail Recordings 2007

The Rubinoos – 1977 Beserkley Records vinyl /re-issued on CD - Air Mail Recordings 2007

"The Rubinoos practically laid out the blueprint that defined power pop for the post –‘70s generation…" Entertainment News

"Unlistenable trash rock quartet…" Rolling Stone

"Best pop album of the decade…" (Re: The Rubinoos) New York Rocker

"The kind of music that’s so sweet it makes you want to spit up…" Creem

"Memorable hooks, glorious harmonies and honest sincerity…" AMG All Music Guide

"Never fail to elicit looks of horror from an audience…" BAM Magazine

"Majestic power pop, distinguished by their sublime and utterly distinctive vocal harmonies sounds every bit as fresh as it did 30 years ago..." Amplifier Magazine

"Torturous vocal ejaculations…" BAM Magazine

"This is pure pop for all people…" AMG Music Guide

"Zany and stupid…" Oakland Tribune

"Far reaching musical scope within the pop genre, panache and unyielding skill…" Bucketful Of Brains

"A joyous melodic invitation to begin the jejune…" Rolling Stone

"The Rubinoos like pop and they don¹t care…" Trouser Press

    • Grew up in the Free Love, Commie outpost Berkeley CA
    • Hit the top 40 with their cover of “I Think We’re Alone Now”
    • Appeared on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand
    • Featured in Rolling Stone Magazine’s 10th Anniversary Television Special
    • Scored the number 4 airplay record of the year in the UK 1978 with “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend”
    • Awarded Record of the Year by UK’s Music Week Magazine 1978
    • Opened 56 shows for Elvis Costello and the Attractions Armed Forces Tour 1979
    • Party of Two produced by Todd Rundgren 1983
    • Basement Tapes CD named as top ten release of the year 1993 in Billboard critic’s poll
    • Paleophonic CD produced by the legendary Kevin Gilbert 1996
    • Performed smash live shows for the IPO international pop festival 2000
    • Tommy and Jon sing the Flo and Eddie parts for Frank Zappa’s 200 Motels with
      The Netherlands Philharmonic at Hollandfest 2000
    • Rubinoos re-form for smash tours of Japan and Spain 2002-2003
    • Twist Pop Sin first original recordings in 9 years done with first producer Gary Phillips 2005
    • Career spanning 3-CD anthology Everything You Always Wanted to Know About The Rubinoos,
       including newly discovered live performance from 1978, released 2007
    • New children's CD Biff-Boff-Boing and the all new original album Automatic Toaster released 2010
    • 2012 released EP featuring all new material This Is The Rubinoos EP
    • 2015 Celebrates forty five years of Rubinoos togetherness with new album cleverly titled: 45

    1975 First major concert: Bill Graham’s Sounds of the City at Winterland opening for The Starship,
     pelted with bananas and booed offstage
    1976 Played at Modesto High after being raffled off by Burger King
    1978 Co- Headlined Hammersmith Odeon London
    1978 Headlined London Lyceum
    1979 Opened 56 shows for Elvis Costello and the Attractions - Armed Forces tour
    1979 Headlined sold out summer tour of Northern Europe
    1980 Co-headlined with that naughty review Saddle Tramps for 2 weeks at Sahara Tahoe’s
     rancid Pinecone Lounge during the worst snow storm in history… decided never to play again
    1992 We lied…Sold out Slims in San Francisco for 10 year reunion show
    2000 We lied again… Headlined IPO festival in Los Angeles
    2002-2003 Sold out Tours of Japan and Spain
    2007 Another sold out tour of Japan
    2008 SRO show at SF's Great American Music Hall
    2009 Another sold out tour of Spain
    2010 Smash tour of Spain and Italy. Headline Felipop Festival in Galicia, Spain.
    2010 40th Anniversary Show Great American Music Hall Sold out
    2011 Played Sapporo Snow Festival in Hokkaido, Japan
    2011 Headlined Cultura Pop Festival in Madrid
    2012 Rubinoos live television special Radio 3 Television Spain
    2014 Headlined smash tour of Spain and Italy
 2016 Headlined Really Smash Tour of Spain, Italy, Sweden and Norway  

Official Website: rubinoos.com Facebook Officilal Page: rubinoos