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Links Jon Rubin
lead singer, guitarist, founder and namesake
Tommy Dunbar
lead guitarist, founder and chief songwriter
Al Chan
bass guitar and vocals
Donn Spindt
drums and vocals
Susie Davis: Keyboards, Vocals
Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Susie is the daughter of FM radio pioneer Norman Davis. Here is a list of some of the acts that have benefited from her talent on the road and in the studio: Prince, Sheila E, Billy Idol, Pat Benatar, Mick Jagger - and, of course, The Rubinoos.
David Rokeach: Drums
David has been working primarily in the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas for more than 20 years. He has toured nationally and internationally with Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin,Steve Miller, Joe Satriani and many more.  The Rubinoos are proud to be playing with him.
Royse Ader
bass guitar and vocals
Michael Boyd
keyboards and guitar
Curly Keranen
bass guitar and vocals
Gary Phillips: He produced the first two Rubinoos records, The Rubinoos and Back to the Drawing Board, as well as their most recent effort Twist Pop Sin. Gary passed away in 2007. He is deeply missed.

Kevin Gilbert: Great musician, great producer, great friend. He produced Paleophonic for the Rubes. Kevin passed away in 1996.

Jill Cruisey: Former secretary of Beserkley UK. Lifelong friend and supporter, Jill passed away in 2007.
We love you Jill.

Hiroshi Kuse: Old friend and president of The Rubinoos label in Japan, Air Mail Recordings. He is a big reason The Rubinoos still tour and make CDs.

Hugh Brown: Grammy winning art director has been there since the beginning and has done so much Rubinoos art and design work it is just impossible to list. We’re not worthy.

Marty Rudnick: Dear friend of The Rubinoos and host for The Rubinoos Official Web Site. Marty is an occasional bass player with Mersey Beach, has made a guest appearance with Vox Pop and has played in a variety of associated acts (Al & Marty, The Tradewinds). Trivia: As a wedding present for Marty, The Rubinoos recorded a rewrite of The Eternals’ “Babalu’s Wedding Day” re-titled "Marty's Wedding Day".

James Gangwer: Co-wrote many Rubinoos songs. Exceptional guitarist with seminal funk band Links and blues pioneers Backwater Rising.

Claudine Spindt: Opera singer, vocal coach to The Rubinoos and many others. Donn's mom. Claudiine passed away in 2010. She is deeply missed

Dan Alexander: Old, and I mean old, friend and supporter through the whole career. He made Basement Tapes possible. We love Dan.

John Cuniberti:
Old friend who has mastered all of our CDs since 1996.

Rick Sutter: Ansel Adams of The Rubinoos, old friend and all around great guy

Mike “Palmtree” Johnson: Long time Rubinoos’ friend, engineer and general lay about.

Marc Nathan: Put The Rubinoos on the map.  Marc personally got “I Think We’re Alone Now”
into the top 40. He can be seen in the “If I Had You Back” video being squirted with catsup.

Jonathan Richman: One of the original Beserkley artists and a huge influence on The Rubinoos. The Rubes backed him on "The New Teller" and "Government Center."

Alex Carlin: Jon's best buddy since 1965, original Rubinoo keyboardist, later with Psycotic Pineapple and Vox Pop. Co-wrote "Rock and Roll is Dead (And We Don't Care)", "Like Candy" and several other Rubes songs.

Ralph Granich: Original drummer for Jon Rubin and The Rubinoos 1970 and is the Ralph of Ralph's Garage fame. Now he is a fab photographer.

Louis Barrere: Old friend, was head of the Rubinoos’ crew for the Beserkley Years.

Peter Paterno:
Old friend and The Rubinoos’ first real entertainment attorney.

Bob Merlis: Our own personal brother man and publicist.

Kit Potamkin: The "Ian Stewart" of The Rubinoos, Kit plays on the CDs but doesn't tour. More importantly, he has hung out with Lou Christie.

Robbie Dunbar: Earth Quake guitarist, brother of Tommy, co-writer of several Rubes' songs including"Not Just Another Pretty Face"

Victor Roccki: Our fearless leader (road manager) for the entire Elvis Costello tour. He got us through the Three Mile Island disaster without any chromosome damage.

Nick D’Virgilio: Besides kicking some pop ass with The Rubinoos, Nick is a solo artist, has played traps with Tears for Fears, Kevin Gilbert, Genesis and is the lead singer for the very successful progressive rock group Spock's Beard.

Kyle Vincent: Old friend who would never let us forget it if he wasn’t on this list. He is the co-writer of several great Rubinoos songs including “In The Worst Way.”

Dick Bright: Friend, Bandleader, TV and radio personality. Guest violinist on "Saturday Morning Cartoons".

John Seabury: Old friend, bass player with Psycotic Pineapple, Vox Pop, Mersey Beach and a brilliant artist to boot. He created The Rubinoos logo, cover art for Back to the Drawing Board and the aged drawing for Basement Tapes.

Randy Pelish: aka "Dolph". Cover model for Garage Sale

Scott Mathews: Produced several cuts for The Rubes and played some serious drums on Paleophonic.

Matthew King Kaufman: Founder of Beserkley Records, co-producer during Beserkley era.

Glen Kolotkin: Beserkley’s recording engineer and co-producer of The Rubinoos.

Elliott Kendall: Musician and power-pop aficionado. Co-Executive Producer: "Garage Sale"

Ken Sharp: Musician and power-pop aficionado. Co-Executive Producer: "Garage Sale"

Todd Rundgren: Produced Warner's Mini LP Party of Two and smoked a stinky cigar.