March 2011
Sorry it's been so long since we posted but things have been very busy. Hiroshi and
Yumi have done it again. The Japan tour was absolutely incredible! The Rubinoos were
greeted by such warmth and graciousness it completely blew our minds. Our first show was at Club Doctor in Tokyo and it was totally packed. We played with The Oranges (great power pop band). Next stop was Kyoto at the Taku Taku , a show promoted by The Mayflowers. We finished the night singing Twist and Shout Backed by The Mayflowers. Then it was back to Tokyo for a hilarious spot on the TV show Tokyo Golden Hour. We then flew to Saporro to be greeted by some really wonderful new friends, The Choosers and The Margarettes, who promoted the show. When we got to the club we saw the stage backdrop, a hand sewn replica of the infamous I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend "Dating Game" photo shoot . The show in Saporro was so much fun but Tommy arrived late and missed The Margarettes set. At his request, the Margarettes took the stage for another song. How cool is that? Everyone in Saporro was so kind to us. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! We had a day off at the Snow Festival and saw some fabulous Ice Sculptures and very brave bands.that were playing outdoors in 15 degree weather (Fahrenheit) with no shirts on. We bow down to them. Then it was back to Tokyo for our final show at Shinjiku Jam. Totally packed, totally crazy. when Jon announced this was Donno's first time in Japan the entire audience started screaming Donn Spindt! Donn Spindt! Donn Spindt! What a finish. We sure hope to return to Japan soon. One more time, thank you Hiroshi, Yumi, The Mayflowers, the Choosers and the Margarettes for all of your hard work and help with our tour. You guys ROCK!

October 2010
OH MY GOD! The 40th Anniversary show was soooo much fun! I know many of you
couldn't be there but we do hope you were there in spirit. We were really starting to worry
when it began pouring rain that afternoon, then the Giants (YAY) playoff game. We were
wondering if anyone would make it. But of course they did and we had a blast! The evening kicked
off with a video retrospective hosted by Bay Area luminary Dick Bright . He kept the show moving with grace, wit and a cattle prod. Guests, Greg Keranen (original Rubinoo), Ben Fong-Torres (famous writer), Jim Turner (of Arliss fame) were all great. There were special taped greetings to the band from ZZ Top, Jonathan Frakes (Star Trek TNG) and an unlikely Avril Levigne. All in all it was a really special way to celebrate...gulp...40 years. We hope to put together a video of the night soon so everyone who wants to can check it out.

Last, but certainly not least, we want to thank all the folks who braved the weather or missed the end of the playoff game to come to the show. You made it all worth it. Thank you so much for all the support over the years and the joy you brought to the evening.

By the way, this isn't an end of career message. We intend to be around for the 50th Anniversary and will keep to our fun if sporadic schedule of touring and recording. Maybe we could even play in the Bay Area more than once every two years.

June 2010
First off, The Rubinoos want to thank Jonathan Vidal for making the tour happen and
Salva at Fender Spain for getting us such great gear .

The Boys are back from their Spain/Italy tour and have lived to tell about it. Besides
playing for the great crowds in both countries, this tour had another, much more special
significance; The group was joined by their original drummer Donn “Donno” Spindt, for the first time in ten years. He kicked ass! Things started off with volcano hell with Jon was stuck in Atlanta for 2 days. He finally had to fly to Madrid instead of Barcelona, rush to the train station and sprint to Zaragoza. Unfortunately his bags didn’t join him. The first show was at a little club called Lata De Bombillas. The group was just warming up. The next night was in Madrid with a great pop group The Riffbackers. Then it was off to Valencia for a pop convention. This was the craziest and one of the best audiences on the tour. Good thing it wasn’t a full moon. The band just got better every night and by the time they reached the last date on the Spanish leg of the tour they were in overdrive. That night in Castellon the band played for almost 2 hours, taking requests and rocking the house. Then it was back to Barcelona where Tommy arranged and the guys recorded backing vocals on an a cappella tune for their good friend’s Suzy and Jonathan’s wedding. The tune, Marry This Moron, was penned by the groom himself.

The next day it was off to Italy. The Italian tour manager, Diego, who talks like Marlon Brando in The Godfather (result of a mosh pit accident), made the Italian part of the tour just as great as Spain and continuously made them an offer they couldn’t refuse…more pasta? The club in Rome was reminiscent of a little place known as Hades, it was hot as hell, so was the audience. The boys got to meet their Italian label owner Pier Paolo, who is the Roberto Benigni of pop. To call him animated would not be doing him justice. What a great guy. Next stop Bologna, then Parma and then a little club in the Italian Alps called Titty Twister (named after the bar in From Dusk to Dawn). I don’t know how to describe this gig. The band arrived and was greeted with a table 10 feet long full of food with the cook saying “Here are some snacks. But don’t worry I’ll make dinner later.” The view from the club’s balcony was spectacular. The crowd was more spectacular. The opener, an excellent Italian pop group called
Radio Days, saved the Rubes ass more than once during this show. Tommy broke strings on all the guitars and then blew up his amp. Without blinking an eye the boys from Radio Days changed strings,  leant them guitars and rolled one of their amps into place while the Rubes sang the a cappella version of My Girl they had learned for Jonathan’s wedding. The show continued without missing a beat.

The last date on the tour was an outdoor show in La Spezia, a pretty town on the coast, close to Cinque Terre. The boys were joined by the Seattle based group The Cute Lepers. Great band, great folks. The Rubes went on at 11:15 that Tuesday night and were waiting for an Italian grandma to dump a basin of water on their heads from one of the surrounding apartments but it never happened. 800 people packed that small square and partied for hours long after the last strains of Rock and Roll is Dead had faded away. The guys finished up back in Spain, singing at the ceremony and playing the reception at Jonathan and Suzy’s wedding.  Totally fried, totally exhilarated. Jonathan and Suzy, congratulations. Diego, thank you so much. Joey, you are the best. Donno, welcome home.

May 2010

Big news!!! Original Rubinoo, Donn Spindt, will be drumming for the Spanish /Italian tour. For the first time in ten years Donn will be playing with the group. He sounds great! What a treat for the fans and the band. Due to unforseen circumstances Robbie Rist was unable to do the tour.

February 2010

The gig at La Peña was a smashing success, oversold and los of fun. Advance copies of Biff-Boff-Boing are avaiable at Pop Plus One. Check out this review of the CD at Hyperbolium. The Rubes are now recording a new 'adult' CD...well, as adult as The Rubinoos get. Look for it in May or June.

January 2010
Feeling childish? We are. So, to celebrate, we have recorded our first all ages CD Biff-Boff-Boing. And, to further celebrate, we are doing an all ages show at La Peña In Berkeley. Here are the details:

The Rubinoos Live at La Peña
January 30th, 2010 at...gulp...10:30 AM
3105 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94705

September 2009
The Rubes are busy getting back to their roots...6 year old roots that is. By
popular demand (drummer David Rokeach's kids) The Rubinoos are recording a children's album featuring such classics as "Witch Doctor" and "Yo Ho"along with some fabulously immature originals.Look for the album in January.

February 2009
Spain was a blast! We love it. Every show was fun and all the audiences were
fabulous. I can't believe that
videos were up on YouTube the day after the shows.
The schedule was a little tough, six shows in six days with about 1,600 miles of
driving but we took our vitamins and hung in there. The first and third shows were at a
200 capacity club in Madrid called The Wurlitzer Ballroom. It really reminded me of the clubs we would play at in the 70s punk days. The staff was super nice and the audiences were insane. They were singing along (loudly) to all of our songs. Wow. Thursday night was Barcelona at The Apolo2. It was packed and it was so great to see people there from our first trip to Spain six years ago. Friday we made the trip to Basque country and played to a great crowd at a really nice venue. Saturday was back to Madrid for a completely sold-out insane show. It was full punk rock. The next night we made it to Castellon for another sold-out concert at the Auditorio. It was a sweet venue with a fantastic over capacity crowd. On Monday night we did our last gig, a book release party at a tiny venue in Barcelona called The Electric Bar. The book is called
Retratos Pop, it’s a compilation of Xavier Valiño’s interviews of many pop groups including, of course, The Rubinoos. Xavier was there and it was a raucous little party. Anyway, we’re back, alive and possibly even considering playing a show in LA. Muchas gracias España por el gran viaje!

December 2008

Yes it is confirmed. The Rubinoos will be playing five dates in Spain.

February 4 -
The Wurlitzer Ballroom - Madrid
February 5 - La2 Apolo - Barcelona
February 6 - Plateruena Kafe - Durango
February 7 - The Wurlitzer Ballroom - Madrid
February 8 - Auditorio - Castellon de Plana

Book your travel now!

November 2008

The last show of 2008 has been confirmed. Here are the details:
Where: Diablo Valley College Performing Arts Center, 321 Golf Club Road,
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

When: Monday December 8th, 8:00 PM
Tickets: $10 in advance/ $13 at the door
Info: Box Office 925-687-4445 or call Glenn Appell at 925-685-1230 ext. 2510

July 2008
The Rubinoos go for tenure! Well, maybe teaching assistant. On July 31rst The Rubinoos performed and had a Q & A at Glenn Appell's "History of R & B and Rock & Roll" class at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, CA. "We're Rock and Roll and we're certainly history" quipped Jon Rubin. The students were very enthusiastic after wondering why people their parents' age were doing a sound check. The group played two short sets between which the guys fielded questions and Susie Davis and David Rokeach related stories from the annals of their tours with famous acts (Prince, Mick Jagger, Ray Charles, Mariah Carey, ect.). Thanks to David Rokeach and Glenn Appell for making this really fun evening happen!

June 2008
Thanks to all who attended The Great American Music Hall on June 21st to see The Rubinoos show and a special shout out to the great staff at GAMH. The club was SRO and everyone had a blast. The RaveUps, a Yardbirds tribute band who opened the show, did one hell of a job of warming up the crowd. The Rubes then took the stage for an hour and a half show which included two encores. The set contained some rarely heard deep cuts from several different albums including the first ever performance of the a cappella "Altamont", on which the band was joined by bass vocalist Charlie Davis of The Mighty Echoes. Other tunes which were heard: "Hey Rita" and "Not Just Another Pretty Face" from Basement Tapes, "Go Go Go Tokyo",and the Kyle Vincent co-write "In The Worst Way" from Twist Pop Sin, "Party 'Til We Die", a song not performed in the USA for 16 years, from Garage Sale and "Must Be A Word" Al Chan's great power pop rocker from the Vox Pop album (Al's mom was in attendance). The whole night ROCKED!

January 2008
Happy New Year! You heard it here first. The Rubinoos have announced the first (and only) date of their World Tour '08, June 21st at The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. Stay tuned for updates.

Year End Rap Up: 2007 has been a great year and sad year for The Rubinoos. Our career- spanning box set Everything You Always Wanted To Know About The Rubinoos was released in March, followed by the the first CD release of Party Of Two. Our Japanese label, Air Mail Recordings, re-released our first 3 albums on CD, The Rubinoos, Back To The Drawing Board and Basement Tapes, remastered with bonus tracks from the original sessions. We got to tour Japan for the first time in 5 years and play in SF for the first time in 7 years. We added David Rokeach on drums and our keyboardist Susie Davis started singing with us.

On the flip side we lost two dear friends, Gary Phillips and Jill Cruisey.

Gary produced our first two LPs and our last CD, Twist Pop Sin. He had a huge influence on us and it will just not be the same without him. We love him and miss him.

We met Jill in 1978 at the London office of Beserkley Records where she was a young secretary. She has been a stalwart friend and supporter all through the years. Her untimely passing was a shock and it has left a big hole. We love you Jill.

December 2007
Yes, I know I'm writng this in the first person, no editorial complaints please. We want to send a special thanks to all of you who came to the Great American Music Hall and to Jonathan Richman. It was a blast! The show sold out and was a fantastic way to end what has already been a tremendous year. A big hello to all the people we hadn't seen in years (decades...gulp). It was so great to see you all. In other news, Al Chan will be undergoing some minor back surgery so we will be taking a break while he rests up. Please send your thoughts to Al for a speedy recovery. Have a great holiday season and a Happy New Year! Let's do it again before another 7 years go by. The East Bay Express ran a really nice article on The Rubes by Eli Messinger. You can check it out Here.

November 2007

The Rubes are back rehearsing for the second date of the US leg of their
world tour... One show at SF's
Great American Music Hall on December 6th. The
first date , an unannounced appearance at The Peter Pan Co-op Nursery School on
November 7th, had to be cut short when the over enthusiastic crowd rushed the stage.
Security was called and nap time enforced.

October 2007 Update
The Rubinoos return from a fantastic, gigantic (3 shows) Japanese Tour. All the dates were packed and all the audiences were Ichi-ban and singin' along. The Rubes were treated royally by their label Air Mail Recordings. Lots of sight- seeing, shopping and eating. A special nod to Susie Davis, who made her vocal debut with the band, and to first time drummer David Rokeach, he rocks!

Fashion Tips from Japan:

Girls...Hot Pants, Knee Sox and Bee Hive Hairdos
Guys...'76 Punk Attire, Glam Shags and Anime Haircuts
Look for a bunch of pics in the gallery and maybe even some bootleg video. Japan, Hontoni Saiko!

October 2007
The Rubinoos are gonna Go, Go, Go Back To Tokyo, as well as Osaka and
Kyoto this October. Shows scheduled are:
10/19  Osaka Funj-twice
10/20 Tokyo Shinjuku Jam
10/21  Tokyo Shinjuku Jam

A special 2 CD set will be manufactured for the shows. The discs will include material previously unreleased in Japan. CD 1 includes 8 full length original songs plus 3 jingles written and recorded by The Rubinoos for the Air Mail Recordings website. Also included will be the never before released outtakes “Grey On Grey” (Paleophonic) , “Another Side Of You” (Twist Pop Sin), and prehistoric demo “Two Of Us”. CD 2 includes 8 cover songs done Rubinoos style, including never before released versions of The Hollies’ “Bus Stop”, Matt Monro’s “From Russia With Love”, and Frank Zappa’s “Absolutely Free.”

September 2007
Air Mail Recordings of Japan will release: The Rubinoos –the full original LP, plus 6 bonus tracks from the same sessions, re-mastered from the original tapes. Back To The Drawing Board – the full original LP, plus 4 bonus tracks from the same sessions, re-mastered from the original tapes. A reissue of Basement Tapes Plus - The studio demos for an unreleased 3rd Rubinoos LP circa 1980/81.

If you order all 3 from the Air Mail Recordings web site, you will receive them as a box set.

March 2007
England’s Sanctuary Records/ Castle Music releases the 3 CD career spanning anthology Everything You Always Wanted To Know About The Rubinoos. All selections remastered with loving care by John Cuniberti from the original master tapes. This is the first time the original Beserkley recordings have ever sounded decent on CD. March 2007

Wounded Bird Records releases the Warner Brothers Mini-LP Party Of Two, which contains the original 5 songs produced by Todd Rundgren and Utopia, plus 6 bonus tracks.

January 2007
The Rubinoos release a new all original CD in the U.S., Twist Pop Sin, featuring 14 all-new original songs, produced by Gary Phillips, producer of The Rubinoos and Back to the Drawing Board. Alternate versions are available from Japan and Spain. The Japanese version (Air Mail Recordings) comes with a bonus bootleg live CD of the Rubinoos 1992 reunion show. The Spanish version was released by Rock Indiana Records.

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